How Many Roads Lead to God?

I can't say how many times I've heard people say they believe all roads lead to God, or there are many ways to get into Heaven, or all religions pray to the same supreme being. Or, as Oprah Winfrey likes to say, all paths converge on the same mountaintop. Really?

One religion beckons me to shed my identity and become one with the universe. Another has me coming back as a cow, a crow, a grasshopper, or a rabbit until I work my way back and master being a proper human. If I return as a lion, must I be a kind vegetarian lion? If I am a snake, must I courteously live off some careless human's road kill? I wonder if I ever get a shot at being a vibrant plant or a victorious virus. How about a religion that has me sacrifice infants to gain confidence before I attack a village to plunder it?

So, then, do I need to exclude "some" religions and limit my preferred practice to one that's lofty, kind and gentle; that caters to my more noble aspirations and enhances my emotional stability and personal comfort? If I find a state of zin in my living room, will I be in Heaven? If I hear an echo to my hum, will I be hearing the voice of God?

If we're putting religions on a list, Christianity is actually only a good option if it is the only option. You'd have to be stupid to choose it. To reach the pinnacle Christianity you have to confess you are an abomination to God. You must admit you are the sole reason a truly innocent person who deserved to go on living had to suffer and die a cruel death at the peak of his young life. You have to surrender your hopes and dreams and give the rest of your days in pursuit of his aspiration for an unappreciative, degenerate, undeserving world around you.

To choose Christianity is to die to yourself to live for another, guided by a Spirit you can't see according to a plan you can't master contained in a book you can't authenticate from a source you can't confirm. And the first step is laying aside all other options!

Eric ScottComment