Who Hijacked the Evolution Debate?

As a Christian biologist it strikes me that somewhere along the evolutionary trail of a valid anatomical/physiological argument, both sides threw out the baby with the bath water. 
Because I don't know HOW God opened the Red Sea, or WHERE God opened the Red Sea, or WHEN God opened the Red Sea, or precisely HOW LONG the Red Sea stayed open, should I declare the story of the Red Sea crossing portrayed in the Holy Bible a fallacy and object to the teaching of the Red Sea epoch as it's currently being taught? 
Should I expect credible authoritative bodies of institutional church scholars to admit there never really was an Egypt, or that the Red Sea clearly must have only begun to flow six days after the Jews crossed a dry Red Valley?
As a Christian biologist I'll cling to my Bible, my microscope, and my awesome God, and keep exploring what I accept but don't yet fully understand, in consideration of viable new ideas, concepts, and discoveries based on science, history, and theology. And I'll continue to shake my head and grin every time extremists on either side of this argument open their silly mouths.

Eric ScottComment