Life and Death and Life

When a man values life more than he fears death, he is willing to die in order to live.

Here is the root of the paradox. A person hemmed in by an enemy, a calamity, or any encroaching object or element of certain doom must act upon genuine conviction. In order to survive, he must convene a strong desire for living with a strange recklessness concerning death. 

He cannot merely cling to life. That would be cowardice. There is almost no likelihood of survival for one hiding from, running from, or refusing to address his certain end.

He must not merely await death. That would be suicidal. Gripped in mortal fear, such a one is paralyzed and good as dead until his unproductive end is sealed.

He must seek his life in furious indifference to it. He must live with abandon and attack his fate like a valiant soldier. He must desire life like water, and drink death like wine. He who would gain his life, must lay it down.

Knowing the only way to sustain my life is by passing through death to reach the source of life, I gladly take up my sword and shield and abandon my place in this world to charge into the pit of Hell and persevere in battle until I reach the arms of my savior, trusting he alone is willing and able to preserve my life or resurrect it. Greater love has no man than this; that he would give up his own life for another. Christ is my dear brother... and I am his.

Eric ScottComment