Purpose in Life


An aging woman set her Bible aside and bowed her head. "Lord, I know I've failed you," she conceded right up front. "You must be terribly disappointed in me." Her eyes moistened.

"I see all these people around me who have accomplished so much and made good use of the talents you gave them. I have nothing to show for the years you have given me." A tear began to form. "I have read my Bible, said my prayers, and done... nothing of consequence." Tears started to flow.

She sat in silence, and began to listen. A voice, not quite audible, or was it, comforted her. "You raised three children who are faithful in marriage, and bucking the tide, take their kids to church every weekend. You encouraged your husband when he lost his job, and nursed him after a debilitating stroke.

"You've welcomed dozens of neighbors with a meal and smile when they moved into your declining neighborhood, only to leave when they could afford better. You helped a blind man cross the street. You paid for a young struggling couple's meal without prompting when you saw it was their anniversary. You gave your umbrella away to a stranger standing in the rain. You even rescued a frightened dog trapped on the highway in the midst of traffic.

"My child, your problem is that you're equating who you are with what you've accomplished. Achievements don't impress me. I invested my heart in you, and you have nurtured it and allowed it to grow. You've shared my heart with others on my behalf. What you did came out of who you are. Rest assured, I am very pleased." An aging woman picked up her Bible and bowed her head. And sobbed herself to sleep.

The Lord sees not as a man sees. For men look upon outward appearance. But God looks straight to the heart. (1Sam16:7)

Eric ScottComment