Performer, Director, and Audience

I once went to a church where the song leader made sure we understood our roles. He stopped the music at a most inappropriate time, looked at the listless congregation, and shared, "I'm looking out at your frowning faces, and I'm struck that most of you have this all wrong. Let me help you with the concept of a 'worship service'."

Those who were paying attention, perked up. Those who weren't, began to pay attention. "I'm afraid many of you are under the mistaken impression the Holy Spirit is supposed to be directing my performance up here, while you enjoy the show." Then, he said something hundreds of people will remember every time they occupy a church pew for the rest of their lives. "Actually, I am the director here today; you are the performers; and the Holy Spirit is watching, and taking copious notes. He looks for you like you look for your own child in an elementary school play." 

"I'm terribly afraid I haven't been doing a good job directing, because you're not acting like you care at all if your performance is pleasing him. On your behalf, can I ask our audience to indulge us, and let us start again from the beginning? This time, let's try to make your father proud he came to see you here today." There was such a drastic difference, to this day I would swear angels joined us on the next chorus that afternoon.

Eric ScottComment