Savior AND Lord

Some people grew up in a church going family, and dutifully fell in line. They got baptized, went to church services, and put money in a basket when it got passed around the congregation. If you ask some of them if they're Christian, they'll tell you something like, "I've always been a Christian," or "I've been a Christian for as long as I can remember."

Others wanted to fit in with a friend or someone they admired. Maybe they married someone who was devout in their faith. Now, they routinely attend church, and sometimes put money in the basket. They started out trying to please someone, but now they say, "My friend, or wife, or whoever, introduced me to the faith."

They may, or may not, be genuine Christians, because a Christian is a genuine "follower of Christ". Unless people make an independent personal commitment to follow Christ, they can't, by definition, be Christian. They can join a church, read the Bible, and even pray to God, but Christians follow Christ.

Most folks who commit to follow Christ do so in a crisis. That is to say, they're in a jam, and appeal to a Higher Power to intervene on their behalf. Or, they might be afraid Hell is a real concern, and worry they could end up in the eternal pit of flames.

Christianity isn't just an insurance policy. Those who accept Jesus Christ as Savior, also have to surrender to Jesus Christ as Lord. That means if you take the job and accept the title, you have to follow and obey the boss. After all, that's what lord means isn't it?

If you accept the moniker of Christian, your telling me that you accepted Jesus' offer to intercede on your behalf to save you, and now you follow and obey him because you accepted him as your Lord. It's not for me to determine how well you do your job, but it's best for you if you don't put on the uniform and think your going to fool the boss.

So let me ask you, "Are you a Christian?"

Eric Scott1 Comment