Prodigal Son, Part 2: Father Knows

In verses 11-13 of Luke's fifteenth chapter we see that while the prodigal son lived at home his needs were met. He had what he needed, but he grew curious and restless. When he walked away from home he could still meet his needs, but he grew anxious and reckless.

He, by his own free will, elected to change his circumstance. He chose independent exploration over personal conformity, and two things proceeded naturally. First, he went from "having his needs met," to "needing to meet his needs." Second, his curiosity and restlessness turned into anxiety and recklessness. That's the major difference between submission to a righteous source, and independence in an unrighteous world.

Over time, he literally lost his shirt. Unfortunately, most of us are willful enough that we insist on subjecting ourselves to wisdom through personal experience. After we've squandered what we were given, knowledge and experience are poor replacements for comfort and security. 

All that keeps your confident curiosity in check is your free will. You have to choose between submission and exploration. Better to take the advice of one who was poisoned and one who lost his shirt. Ignore the constant hissing that nags at you. Pick the regular fruit and steer clear of the apple tree in the midst of the garden. What tastes good isn't always good for you. Trust Father on this one.

Eric ScottComment