Prodigal Son, Part 1: Roots of Rebellion

In Luke 15:11-32 we find the familiar story commonly referred to as the parable of the prodigal son. It turns out that a certain wealthy man had two sons. At a point in time, the younger son asked to cash out his inheritance so he could leave home, get out from under his father's roof, and set out on his own to make his fortune.

From the story, it appears the dad didn't hold a tight reign, but gave his sons a lot of discretion throughout their lives. It also appears that home was a dependably safe and consistently productive place. It stands to reason that these young sons who exhibited such confidence and vision had been properly raised and well mentored.

For some reason, the younger son wasn't content with his lot. He had a secure base and a reliably future, but it wasn't what he wanted. The urge that tugged him away from the source of his sustenance and identity was the seed of rebellion.

It's natural for people who are comfortable and secure to want something different. For some reason contentment becomes mundane to a lot of people. Like the prodigal son, we have to be careful or steady contentment can breed boredom and restlessness. They are roots of rebellion. And rebellion from righteous living doesn't end well.

Eric ScottComment