What God? Who Are You Talking About?

The Bible does not set out to prove God's existence. It opens with, "In the beginning GOD..."

If I begin a statement with, "At first, Dick and Joe...", it's a good bet I want to tell you something about two guys I know as Dick and Joe. I wouldn't be surprised at all if you stopped me up front and asked who Dick and Joe were, or how I knew them? I would be stunned if you stopped me to ask if I really believed in Dick and Joe, or could prove they existed.

In the course of conversation we might mutually discover that you also know Dick and Joe. It's quite possible you know them as Richard and Joseph, or even Ricardo and Jose. Upon my describing them, you might even blurt out, "Oh, you mean Bubba and Tiny." You would be confirming their existence while inserting a valid perspective that wouldn't impact or alter what I was telling you about them.

Based on your experience, you might gain confidence in my story as I expound. Alternatively, you might question what I convey, if it doesn't line up with your prior personal exposures. Your reality and my reality don't alter ultimate reality. It just defines our separate understandings.

It could be that I'm relaying information about two people I've never met. Still, if my source is credible and evidence indicates my story is true, I would be taken aback if you accused me of lying, fabricating, or trying to manipulate you, by stating that two characters I never met ever even actually existed, or did something you didn't think they would have done. Clearly, one of us has issues that will impair further meaningful dialog. Can you hear me leaving?

Some people accept God. Some people reject God. That doesn't change reality. It just indicates that somebody is wrong. I actually get a kick out of hearing people out when they assert that I don't know the real Dick and Joe, or they never existed. I've had especially good luck introducing honest educated skeptics to someone very important they never took seriously before. We just have to get past, "In the beginning, God..."

Eric ScottComment