The Majestic Humility of John the Baptist

"Among those born of women, there has arisen none greater than John." Matthew 11:11

What did John the Baptist do to merit such an accolade from Jesus Christ, himself? At the peak of his own prominence and popularity, John pointed his own followers to Jesus and said, "Behold the lamb of God, who takes upon himself the sins of the world. Go, and follow him. I must decrease that he may increase."

Almost everyone seeks power and prosperity. Yet, at the pinnacle of his career, John the Baptist not only stepped aside, but endorsed Jesus Christ to his own detriment.

If you want to be big in the eyes of the world... gain the world's attention and accumulate all you can get. If you want to grow in the Lord's sight... point people to Jesus Christ and be content with the blessings that flow through your fleeting life.

Eric ScottComment