Another Hurricane Just Blew Through Town

I have lived through tornadoes in Oklahoma, earthquakes in California, and hurricanes in Texas. I've even witnessed the immediate aftermath of a volcano in Washington. I dare say, I have sensed God's power in nature's fury in a small measure.

Natural catastrophes leave destruction and death in their wake. But they also usher in renewal and a resurgence of life. Things are lost, but they are also replaced. Abandoned sites are reoccupied by new forests, new structures, and new people.

Hurricane Harvey just ripped through Houston, TX where I live. My home was spared, but many people I know weren't so fortunate. Some "lost everything".

Having seen what I have seen over many decades, I can confidently say this is a temporary setback. Just as a terrible storm can claim everything a person accumulated over many years, a great windfall can restore everything that was lost with something new and wonderful for anyone who is open to it. We move from what we held to what we will hold in its place. 

The prophet Joel proclaimed, "The Lord will restore the years the locust has eaten." He contends that God's people will not be deprived or suppressed indefinitely. Good years follow bad years, and bad years follow in the course of nature.

We accept what nature brings. We rebuild. We move on. Nature is reborn. We live again.

Eric ScottComment