Silly Debate Between Creationists and Evolutionists

As a science guy, I cringe when I hear Christians say, "There's no such thing as evolution." As a Christian I cringe when a person of seemingly respectable intellect says, "The universe came into being spontaneously." That's like listening to Mr. Silly argue with Mr. Ridiculous.

Evolution is the impact of time upon matter. Things change. Never heard a good argument against that.

And in order for something to exist, it has to be composed of something. No law of science will allow something to come from nothing. And, at its root, science in some form even applies to undetectable invisible stuff.

So I guess the debate is between a guy who says there was no origin, and a guy who says nothing changes.

Where the Christian community goes astray is in confusing irrefutable evolution that preceded Darwinism with Darwin's unresolved theory regarding the "Origin of Species". New breeds of cattle and dogs are proof of evolution, but they don't prove where dogs came from.

Where the secular community goes astray is in defining God in such finite worldly terms that there is nothing beyond the realm of material existence. Something different from what we know had to create the stuff we know. Uhm, I'd call that God.

In the beginning something beyond our understanding created the heavens and the earth, and things keep changing. Can we all agree?

Eric ScottComment