Simple Gospel: A Modern Language Account of the Life of Jesus Christ

Simple Gospel: A Modern Language Account of the Life of Jesus Christ

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The word gospel simply means telling good news, or sharing a good report.

Simple Gospel is a complete modern-language presentation of the life of Jesus Christ, synthesized from the familiar accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Stories and events are presented in context, sequentially, so the reader is able to get a better feel for Jesus' life as it unfolded.

Just as a composite sketch can be drawn from several witnesses of the same crime or event, so Simple Gospel yields a composite portrait of Jesus Christ as seen through the eyes of those who actually walked with him and shared his experiences.

Every verse of every chapter from all four Gospels is used and annotated for reference. Yet, nothing from an outside source is added. This is a merging of the texts of the original Gospel writers using modern vernacular.

Once you have read this book, the Gospels will come alive to you in new and exciting ways. New converts, skeptics, and Bible students alike will not find a more convenient source for learning, studying, and understanding the things Jesus said and what He did while He lived on earth.

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Rev. Eric Scott received degrees in science and business and enjoyed a successful business career before going to seminary in his mid–thirties. He is a gifted writer and teacher who spent more than fifteen years analyzing and interpreting the Gospels before publishing this book.