And It Came to Pass in the Old Testament: 42 Bible Stories for Grown-Ups Paperback

And It Came to Pass in the Old Testament: 42 Bible Stories for Grown-Ups Paperback

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Do you know, and could you convey, the Biblical story from the creation of our universe until 400 BC when prophetic revelation through the nation of Israel abruptly ceased?

And It Came To Pass In the Old Testament is a collection of stories from Genesis to Malachi, told in such a way as to chronicle the whole story in a series of short stories. This is an easy read that will provide perspective and assurance to people of faith, and give skeptics cause to ponder.

Each chapter is three to five pages, and every chapter stands alone. So you can read them in order, or pick the topics you like best first.

This book is full of insights and angles that will open your eyes and make you think about what you have heard before. The author uses scientific and historical facts and findings to explain, clarify, and support the Biblical narrative.

To keep the book short and pithy, the author did not annotate sources, but those who are inclined can verify his extra-biblical information and conclusions in commentaries, or on the internet. The content is more impressive because it comes directly from the heart and mind of a man who has studied these stories for decades.

This book avails a great personal daily devotional, or weekly group Bible study or book review. Once you've read it, you'll want to share it with Christian friends and non-believing family members. Bulk pricing is provided on this site.

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