And It Came to Pass in the New Testament: 36 Bible Stories for Grown-Ups Paperback

And It Came to Pass in the New Testament: 36 Bible Stories for Grown-Ups Paperback

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Could you comfortably share who Jesus Christ was and what he did? Could you explain how the Christian religion started, and how it spread? Do you have a handle on the Bible's portrayal of how everything ends up, and how we get there? The New Testament is the story of Christianity.

And It Came To  Pass In The New Testament provides insight into what happened during the 400 year period when Jewish pens went silent immediately before Jesus was born. It tells the story of Jesus' birth in such a way that the event seems normal and attendant miracles make sense.

Jesus' life and ministry are encapsulated into major stories that divulge his person, purpose, and destiny. His passion and his deity are powerfully and colorfully presented. His death, burial, and resurrection are depicted with honor and clarity with scientific and historical support.

The birth and development of the Christian church is chronicled through the first century. The book culminates in an end of time extrapolation derived from Old Testament prophecy and New Testament teaching.

To gain Biblical perspective, you can approach each short, easy to read chapter in order, or you can address them topically according to your interests. This book makes a great personal daily devotional, or provides excellent material for groups engaged in Bible study or book reviews.

This is a must read for Christians, and a should read for agnostics, religious folks engaged in a quest to discover the true God, and even atheists who have a sincere open mind. After you read this book, you'll want to share it. Bulk pricing is available on this site.

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